• How Do You Make Friends 不要轻易放弃。学习成长的路上,我们长路漫漫,只因学无止境。

      Dear Xiao Dong ,         I am sorry you are having trouble in making friends 。 However , the situation is easy to change if you take my advice 。 Here are some tips to help you 。         First , why not always smile to others on your own ? I agree that this is difficult but that person may smile to you , too 。 If you do this , your classmates would think you are friendly , and you can show them you are a good person to make friends 。 I am sure you will have a new friend soon 。         Secondly , you should often do something with your classmates together , like studying , playing ,and chating 。 In that way , you will become more outgoing , not be shy 。 I think that is a good way to find friends 。         Thirdly , it would 万博体育平台客户端秉承以客户为中心的宗旨,万博娱乐官网平台是个全民可以参与的娱乐平台,万博苹果下载一直保持了良好的形象,无论是客服态度还是提款速度上,万博体育平台为大家带来一个不需要学费的地方be a good idea if you join in some clubs and take part in some school activities 。 You may not feel that this is right , but by doing this ,you would not feel lonely any longer 。 It certainly provides you with friendship 。 I hope you will find these ideas useful 。          Best wishes !                   万博体育平台客户端秉承以客户为中心的宗旨,万博娱乐官网平台是个全民可以参与的娱乐平台,万博苹果下载一直保持了良好的形象,无论是客服态度还是提款速度上,万博体育平台为大家带来一个不需要学费的地方            Yours,                             Miss Wang